About Pear

In 2010, Barry Tiernan set up Pear.ie, a fresh, no nonsense, approach to retail support. Barry has spent many years in retailing – in sales, as an area manager, in product development, and as an export sales manager. For the past ten years he has specialised in merchandising and has developed an excellent understanding of retailing and brand promotion.

Barry believes successful relationships thrive on clear and open communication. He is personally involved on the ground with every campaign and his large team at Pear use a transparent, informative, real time web based reporting system to keep clients closely involved with implementation and effectiveness.

At Pear.ie we understand that timing is crucial in all campaigns. All Pear staff have the necessary experience, skills and tools together with an intuitive understanding of how to implement campaigns smoothly and effectively. We customise each promotion and project – manage your campaign from planning to implementation with great precision and know- how.

We’re on the ground, trained and ready when needed, saving you time and money with efficent execution of your marketing plan.