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With over 25 years experience in retail sales, management and merchandising, Pear gives you unrivalled expertise in implementing high impact, in-store installations and effective, influential offsite promotions for all your brands.

Our nationwide team of highly skilled merchandisers and fitters intimately understand the needs of retailers and brand managers. We use our experience, knowledge and intuition to expertly plan, install and maintain finely-tuned campaigns at every stage of your brand promotion.

What our clients say

At Me2you gift card we needed a long term partner that could manage any task set including coming up with solutions to overcome potential problems within the trade. After several meeting’s we decided to partner with Pear and this has proved to be the right decision. Their attention to detail, professionalism, knowledge of the trade and their excellent staff have all been instrumental in increasing our sales while also developing our brand and we look forward to a long and successful relationship for both companies.

John Wall Managing Director FromMe2you gift card

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we’d be delighted to chat about a solution to meet your needs. Together we can increase your brand profile, sales and bottom line.

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